Everything You Need to Know Before Buying Marijuana Seeds

What are the differences in strains of marijuana seeds?

There are two types of seeds based on their growing environment – indoor and outdoor. Indoor marijuana seeds are those which grow best in indoor environments using various lighting systems as well as hydroponics. Basically, these seeds are the perfect choice if you don’t have enough outdoor space to accommodate your plants. Outdoor seeds on the other hand are those which thrive perfectly outdoors. They are usually the potent ones, and are also expected to produce larger yields as compared to indoor seeds.

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Which seeds are available based on their strain?

Based on the strain, marijuana seeds could be classified as Indica, Sativa and Hybrid.

Indica seeds

Are those which strains are consumed and used for medical purposes. They have low THC content but high CBD which is beneficial for treating depression and anxiety issues.

Indica plants are made to withstand harsher growing environments such as colder climates. Their leaves are quite short and stubby. These plants are the best resin producers.

Growing Indica

Indicas are the plants of choice for indoor growers. They are easy to grow and produce a crop quickly. Indicas grow 3-6 feet tall. They have relatively early flowing time form 8-9 weeks.

Smoking Indica

The best way to describe what indica will do is using the play on words: indica = In Da Couch. This strain is perfect for those who struggle with sleep since indicas produce very sedative effects. Indica smokers enjoy the benefits of relaxation and sleepiness with a strong desire to eat.

Sativa seeds

On the other hand, Sativa contains high THC but low CBD, thus making the strains ideal for treating chronic pain.

Growing Sativa

Sativa thrive in a warm climate thus doing much better at producing crops with planted and tended to outdoors. Sativa take longer to flower than Indica. The average flowering time for Sativa is 12-14 weeks.

Smoking Sativa

If Indica puts you ‘In Da Couch’ then Sativa is like drinking a cup of coffee. Typically used in the daytime, sativa will be very energizing with strong cerebral effects. If you’re looking for an uplifting creative buzz that gives you the belly giggles, give Sativa seeds a shot.

Hybrid Seeds

As the name suggests, Hybrid, is a cross between Sativa and indica. If you’re looking for the creative buzz with a touch of energy but enjoying a relaxed and mellow vibe, give the hybrid seeds a try.

Which seeds are available depending on the growth type?

Generally, there are three – regular, feminized and auto flowering. Regular seeds are those which produce both male and female plants, with a 50/50 ratio of producing both of them. These seeds are essentially far more stable than the other types. Feminized seeds are those which have a 100% guarantee of producing female plants upon maturity. Lastly, auto flowering seeds are those which produce plants which can completely flower even without the need of reducing daylight hours.  Information provided by Cropking Seeds: World Class Cannabis Seeds

Why purchase marijuana seeds online?

If you want to find a legitimate seed retailer or reseller, the best thing you can do is some research.

How long have they been around?

How is their customer service?

How many complaints have been made? (Keep in mind that almost every seed company has had a few disgruntled customers for one reason or another). 

Benefits of growing your own Marijuana?

Deciding to take the plunge and grow your own cannabis can be a great way to cut costs and gain a lot of control over what you smoke. Considering how many people smoke weed across the world, only a few of us make the effort to actually grow it.

The thing is, growing your own marijuana is actually easy. Sure, there are a lot of advanced techniques, and there is always something new to learn and master, but the basics are pretty simple, and once you have them down, you can easily produce your indefinite supply.

You Save a Lot of Money

Weed is expensive when you buy it, but cheap when you grow it. Depending on where you live, the cost per gram varies a lot. Of course there is nothing wrong supporting your local businesses, particularly if you have the privilege to live in a place where’s it’s legal medically and/or recreationally.

And don’t think that in order to grow weed you need a complex, expensive, full on grow room. Growing outdoors is the easiest: All you need is a seed, soil, water and light – and nature provides most of that for free.

You Know What You Get

One of the biggest problems with buying weed is that you never really know what is in it. Has it been sprayed with heavy pesticides? Is it contaminated with pests? Who knows. By growing your own you can rest easy knowing you have total control over what is used, and the overall final quality of your bud.

It also gives you the opportunity to dry and cure your own marijuana. Curing cannabis is the process of allowing the chlorophyll left in the bud to break down, and it dramatically improves the quality of your weed – making for a much smoother smoke. The thing is, most average weed you can get hasn’t been properly cured as it takes quite a while. But once you had well cured bud you will never go back, it is what truly sets the mark for some connoisseur quality stuff.

You’re Self Sufficient

The United States is finally catching on the the health benefits of marijuana and several states are following suit to what other countries have known for much longer.  If you aren’t lucky enough to live in a legalized state, then growing your own weed helps you escape both subpar weed and times of no weed at all. Plus, you don’t have to make that suspicious phone call.

You Have Room for Experimentation

Growing your own marijuana can yield quite a lot of bud. Where you would normally ration the stuff you get off the street, you will likely end up with more then you know what to do with if you grow it yourself. Even one plant can yield huge amounts. This gives you a bit more room for experimentation. You can work on turning those excess yields into edibles or a tincture for stealthy on the go dosing. Perhaps you can start incorporating in into your cooking by infuse it is some oils. The potentials are limitless, and you will have all the weed at had to explore it all.

You Develop A Relationship with the Plant

As a bonus, there is the satisfaction. To know that you grew your own bud from seed to finish with your own hands and effort is immensely rewarding. It results in you developing a much deeper relationship with your plants, allowing you to really appreciate the experience and end result a lot more.

Also, with every grow your skill will improve. Growing cannabis is a constant learning experience, and knowing your next batch is likely to be better than the last is an exciting prospect. You will eventually end up as an expert grower, able to read your plants and gain a good idea of their quality simply by how they are growing. You will never buy marijuana again.

As you can see, there are a lot of advantages to growing your own cannabis, and it can be a really fun and worthwhile experience.
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