Colorado Springs Dispensaries

Thank you Colorado for finally figuring it out! Marijuana does more to help people than harm. Sure, there’s going to be the few that abuse it or get behind the wheel under influence but for the most part, recreational weedmarijuana has proven to help those wth ailments, fatigue and chronic pain. On just about every corner here in Colorado Springs you will find a marijuana dispensary. And they’re pretty sophisticated now too.

Long gone are the days of sneaking bags of weed. Here in Colorado, dispensaries proudly promote their legal and classy operations. I was in a dispensary last week and it was run like a well oiled machine. I was able to check in, use the ATM there to get cash out (still cash only since it’s not federally legal yet) and they even started frequent guest reward perks. It was great. This particular dispensary also offers a military discount AND Colorado resident discount.

This was a well known, multiple store dispensary here in Colorado Springs. I’m sure all other weed stores will follow suit. Just to clarify, within the city limits of Colorado Springs, you can only purchase marijuana if you have a medical need with a medical card. But outside the city limits is where you can buy medical marijuana AND recreational weed. The store I visited was in Manitou Springs since I do not have a medical marijuana card.